• Tasty mocktail ideas to join Sober September

    After the summer cocktails, cool wine and cold beers during the warm season, Sober September is a chance to reset and refocus before the holiday season arrives. If you’re one of those people that will take the excuse to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or take a break for detox and relaxation, we have some mocktail ideas that will take the edge off during the period of abstinence.
  • Refreshing drinks you can make with a milk frother

    Wouldn't you love to enjoy fruit milkshakes and ice-cold frappèes without the mess of using a blender? You can make almost any kind of thick milkshake or frappèe with the Koala Koffee Travel French Press and spend less time preparing and cleaning up and more time enjoying your drink!
  • Easy recipes to cook with kids this school holidays

    Children can help with random bits and pieces in the kitchen. It’s just important to spark that hunger to want to be involved and see them fully embraced being your sous-chef-in-training!
  • 7 pitta pizza recipes for family meals

    Pitta pizzas are a great way to make healthy vegetables exciting for your little ones! They're quick and easy to make and with minimal effort make a great choice for getting healthy food on the table in a hurry. Here is some inspiration to top up your pizzas.
  • Italian tiramisu: the 'cheer me up' recipe

    You might not be able to walk the streets of Italy this summer, but you surely can have a piece of its sweet cuisine in your own kitchen with this easy Tiramisu recipe.
  • How to make cold brew coffee

    Is it getting too warm to drink hot coffee? That doesn’t mean you have to quit your daily doses of caffeine, simply give the traditional cup of coffee a twist and discover the freshness and intensity of a cold brew.
  • Almond Pina Colada, a twist to a classic

    Here's an incredibly easy but yummy recipe. If you are a fan of the refreshing taste of the pina colada, you should try this reinterpretation of the original recipe.