• Tasty mocktail ideas to join Sober September

    After the summer cocktails, cool wine and cold beers during the warm season, Sober September is a chance to reset and refocus before the holiday season arrives. If you’re one of those people that will take the excuse to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or take a break for detox and relaxation, we have some mocktail ideas that will take the edge off during the period of abstinence.
  • Refreshing drinks you can make with a milk frother

    Wouldn't you love to enjoy fruit milkshakes and ice-cold frappèes without the mess of using a blender? You can make almost any kind of thick milkshake or frappèe with the Koala Koffee Travel French Press and spend less time preparing and cleaning up and more time enjoying your drink!
  • Almond Pina Colada, a twist to a classic

    Here's an incredibly easy but yummy recipe. If you are a fan of the refreshing taste of the pina colada, you should try this reinterpretation of the original recipe.
  • The ultimate guide to cocktail glasses

    One of the most appealing reasons for having cocktails is the sophistication and fineness associated with their glasses. There’s a reason behind every cocktail to be served in a certain glass. If you’d pour a margarita into a tumbler with no hesitation, you need this.