Refreshing drinks you can make with a milk frother

Fruit milkshakes

Wouldn't you love to enjoy fruit milkshakes and ice-cold frappèes without the mess of using a blender? You can make almost any kind of thick milkshake or frappèe with the Koala Koffee Travel French Press and spend less time preparing and cleaning up and more time enjoying your drink!

All you need to do is use this versatile French Press as a milk frother and your drink will be ready in minutes!

Here is a selection of our favourite cold summer drinks to prepare with the Koala Koffee Travel French Press.

Quick and yummy fruit milkshakes

 Strawberry milkshake

The basic recipe for a fruit milkshake is to use two parts of chilled milk (the colder the better) to one part of cold fresh juice. Fill two-thirds of the Koala Koffee Travel French Press with milk, close the lid and repeatedly push the plunger and pull it up quickly until the milk froths. Add the juice and mix. You can also add a small spoon of sugar to bring out the fruity taste and make it sweeter if you have a sweet tooth.  

Try this recipe with different fruit juices and find out what your favourites are! We suggest you try to make shakes with lemon, orange, grape, pomegranate, pineapple, banana, strawberry, berries, apple or pear but you can use any kind of fresh fruit.

These milkshakes are not only delicious but an easy way of contributing towards taking your 5 a day and maintain a healthy diet. Although whole milk makes easier to froth the milk, you can try using skimmed milk and puréed fruit for a great, fat-free, healthy treat.


Greek Frappè

 Greek frappe

A frappée is a light and refreshing drink and a good alternative to a hot cup of coffee during the summertime. The traditional Greek frappè uses instant coffee but we recommend using your French Press to make some fresh coffee for a more intense and tasty coffee flavour.

Simply use the Koala Koffee Bamboo Cafetière to make coffee as usual or you can also make it with the Travel French Press and save aside for later. If you do that, remove the used coffee grounds and rinse the cafetière before filling it with cold milk. Move the plunger up and down until you get milk froth. Serve in a tall glass, pour the coffee, add 3 or 4 ice cubes and stir.

Now take a straw and enjoy it!

frappe with icecreamDo you want to really treat yourself? Add your favourite scoop of ice-cream to the frappè and indulge your taste buds. Vanilla, caramel or chocolate, the choice is yours!

Looking for ideas on how to take your coffee in the summer? Check out how to make cold brew coffee.